Fill Your Cup With Cheer!

I returned to Charleston late last night after a week spent at home in upstate New York…and let me tell you, it’s nice to be back in double digit temperatures!

I couldn’t resist a visit to Gala Desserts this morning, my hands-down favorite bakery/coffee shop/breakfast & lunch spot in Charleston. I’ve been a loyal patron of Gala for the past year and a half, and absolutely love its unique charm, delectable desserts, and warm, friendly atmosphere- you won’t find me at any other bakery! The best part about Gala is its proximity to my home. I love my little neighborhood, and am so grateful to have a happy place to stop by several times a week, whether for coffee, a sweet treat, or simply a visit with the owner. When I dropped by this morning, I had forgotten about the festive sign I’d decorated for the front of the restaurant, so it was a fun surprise to see it outside the shop! Naturally, I had no choice but to head inside and “fill my cup with cheer.” A great start to the day!

Pictured above:
Sweater: J. Crew Factory (old)
Jeans: Flying Monkey (purchased at Impeccable Pig)
Boots: Hunter
Location: Gala Desserts, West Ashley

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